Sunday, March 22, 2009

Click here to see our love story video!

This is the link to our love story- how we met, proposal, and everything.

Updating our blog

Drew always tells me I need to update our blog. (it is the girl's job to do it.) After 7 months I finally added a few posts. He also told me to make sure I actually write stuff and not just put pictures and videos up. Now that we have church at 9 we are going to try to update it regularly on Sunday afternoons. Maybe we will get better at taking pictures too. I'll get around to putting other links on the side and music and all that fancy stuff- but this is all for today.

Katee's 26th Birthday!

So birthdays are a really big deal to me. Drew totally surprised me though- he kept acting like he didn't have anything planned! The Saturday before my birthday he took me out to dinner at Cheesecake Factory- and completely surprised me- with about 20 family and friends. It was great. Food was fantastic! Then we went back to our house (I had to clean it up a bit- he said it would have given it away if he had started cleaning up all the stuff from a hair appointment I had earlier!) But since I love games Drew planned some- a fun original one. We tied a marshmallow to about 2 feet of string and without using your hands you had to chew the string until you got the marshmallow in your mouth. We did the boys and girls separate- Drew and I both won! It's all in the biting technique- no tongue and no gagging on the string.
Then my siblings and I did a chubby bunny contest! I think our mouths are bigger than average! I can't even remember how many Thad got- but he definitely had the most. We also watched a little Brian Regan- that always makes my stomach hurt I laugh so hard.
On my actual birthday Drew took me out to eat at a cool restaraunt up in scottsdale. The steak was delicious. Then he took me to Gainey Ranch and we did the romantic Gondola ride. It was perfect weather. I loved every second of it. After that we hung around for a bit and stuck our feet in the pool. It was fun being there- we stayed there our first 3 nights as a married couple. Last time we were there and ate at the restaurant we had the most refreshing water ever. I can't even describe how cool and crisp and delicous it was. We tried to get a bottle to go- but they recycle the bottles or something so you can't buy it to take home. So if you are ever there we highly recommend the water. the creme brule is good too! My birthday was awesome and Drew is the best husband ever! My favorite present was an electric toothbrush- I have been wanting one of those forever!

Valentines Weekend Getaway

Since Valentines was on a Saturday and we had the following Monday off work we got to do a little valentines trip! I've never tried to rent a cabin on valentines weekend before so I was not prepared for how hard it was going to be to find a cabin only a week in advance. After much searching I finally found one available. I found a quaint cabin in Show low. We left right after work on Friday. The cabin was awesome. Cute fireplace- I kept turning it on- even if we weren't cold, I thought it was quite nostalgic. We had a very relaxing weekend and even went for a little trip into town. We had to drive a while to find a movie theater, and when we got in we had to sit in the 2nd row because the place was packed! I've never been so close to a screen before- We were probably 10 feet from the screen. Drew was sad that he no longer has a quad or a truck- there were tons of cool trails. We just had to stay on the street and enjoy the view from there. Drew grilled some fabulous steak. He also bought me the most beautiful flowers. He bought them for me on Wednesday since we were going to be leaving town- but I took them up to the cabin. They actually lasted a few weeks. I would just pull out the roses as they wilted since the lilies were still blooming. It was by far the best Valentines I've ever had.

White Christmas

We went to Utah for Christmas! Drew never wanted to come home. I have never been in so much snow in my life. It was beautiful! We went sledding with Aaron and his kidos. Tied two sleds behind his truck and drove mach 1 in a field. When there were no kids and Drew was driving I thought I was going to die! Luckily a rock hit Aaron in the forehead instead of me- and even luckier he was the brave one who bailed so Drew finally stopped. I didn't dare jump off when we were going so fast. It was really fun though. We got to play in the snow a lot. It didn't even hurt when Drew would full on tackle me.

Drew also decided to take me skiing for my first time ever. We decided to just go in the late afternoon. Let's just say the best part was that I got to ride a snowmobile! I never made it down- after a few hours on the TOP of the mountain I finally started walking and since the resort was closing they picked me up. Then I rode the ski lift down the rest of the way. But it was beautiful and I wasn't cold. Next time I'll just have to go with someone that will teach me how to snowplow... Drew said no wife of his was allowed to snowplow.