Sunday, August 30, 2009

it's a BOY!!!

Friday we found out that the little thing growing inside of me is a BOY! I was so excited when my dr wanted to do an ultrasound at 18 weeks instead of the typical 20 weeks. Drew just couldn't wait to find out. He kept telling me that I was the mother and I should just know what we were having. He always wanted me to guess- but I wouldn't. I just figured I would wait until the ultrasound and not start guessing. On Friday morning he told me that we were definitely having a girl. He said that he had another dream that it was a boy- so he knew he was too emotionally involved and it would be a girl.

When we started the ultrasound it was so cute- his face was all big just looking straight up! Then she asked us if we wanted to know if it was a boy or girl and we told her we definitely did. So she moved on down and then said- looks like its gonna be a boy. She said it so quietly though that I didn't think Drew heard her since he was sitting behind her. I was just smiling and laughing and looked at Drew had pretty much already noticed it on the screen but he turned to her to confirm what he thought he saw and what he hoped he had heard. Then she wrote up on the screen- boy! After that she went through and checked all the other essential parts- it was so neat seeing the heart, kidneys, they check it all. The little feet were so cute too!

We had a little sex party that night with some family announcing that it was a boy. The majority were guessing girl since they said Drew wasn't excited enough for it to be a boy- but he was just playin it cool. To announce it Drew hid a blue balloon under his shirt and after all the guesses were in he pulled it out!

It is so fun to officially know- now Drew and I just have to agree on how we want to decorate the baby's room! Oh and the official name is Gehrig. (after Lou Gehrig- for those of you that don't know who that is he is a very famous Yankee baseball player- arguably the best ever- and Drew's favorite.)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Keith Urban

Drew got me tickets to see Keith Urban for our anniversary! The concert was so much FUN! He puts on a great show- quite entertaining. He would even leave the stage during some songs and go sing in the middle of the crowd on little mini stages. He changed guitars every song and even had one that would light up when he played it- it was crazy. He is an amazing guitarist- a rocker at heart if it weren't for all those romantic songs he writes! Tons of awesome guitar solos where he would just rock out. They were running all over the stage. Who ever does his lighting and stage effects does a great job. He even did two songs for his encore. It was so cool.

San Diego

We took a little trip to San Diego- Drew has wanted to go there since we got married and since we are going to have a baby we decided we should probably get around to doing that sooner rather than later. We drove out early Friday morning- poor Drew had to drive while I slept for a few more hours. We went to Sea World first. The weather was amazing! And the animals were crazy. The dolpins did all sorts of flips and we got soaked watching them. The killer whale show was super cheasy but of course was so impressive how massive those things are and all the jumps and stuff they were doing. The sea lion show was pretty funny. I think I loved the pet show the best- the dogs were doing all sorts of fun tricks and they even had cats they had trained that were doing stuff. (If Lucy weren't already old and blind I would have tried to start teaching her stuff for sure- but she is super smart and I am already impressed with how much she does- I love my cat! Drew doesn't feel the same.) The shipwreck rapids was so fun- we waited until the end of the day hoping the lines would be shorter- but they weren't. We got drenched! If the ride itself wasn't getting us wet enough there were people along the path who paid money to shoot us with those little machines- and they did a good job- we were seriously doused. The lady across from us just kept laughing at me the whole time.

When we checked into our hotel they told us they didn't have the room that we reserved- so they decided to upgrade us! It was by far the hugest and nicest hotel room we have ever stayed in. A big suite on the top floor- it was awesome!

Saturday we got to see lots of San Diego and even went to the air and space museum. It was cool. There was a magazine at the hotel that told of the tops spots to go- so I followed the advice and we went to this one restaurant called Nicky's. Drew was excited because the Yankees game was on. This restaurant had the best burgers ever! I also tried out this little cup cake shop- but it just couldn't compare to the one in New York. We went to the Padres game- Got great seats. The stadium is really cool.

Sunday morning we went for a morning walk on the beach. Then we headed to church. After church we went to the temple- since it was closed we couldn't even walk on the grounds! Just had to look at it from the street. But it was so beautiful- that was my first time ever seeing it.

Our first Ultrasound

We got to see our baby! It was so exciting. Hearing the hearbeat and seeing the little thing up on the screen. It was just rolling around the whole time! They gave us a dvd of it- I watched it like 5 more times that night.

The dr said everything looked great and he told me that I should be feeling great in the second trimester so we should go on as many trips as we could. Drew had absolutely no problem with this.

4th of July- in Utah

We decided to get out of the heat so we could actually watch the fireworks and go outside- so we headed up to Utah. The first morning we went on a quad ride with Drew's friend Kent. It was gorgeous- being up in the mountain- all green- the early morning dew still out. The fresh air and the smell of summer that Drew is always telling me about. (drew just told me I have to write that I want to move to Utah as soon as we can get out of our house.) We had high hopes of going to Lagoon- but I would have never made it- I don't know how I was so exhausted after just a couple hours of quad riding but I would have died. That night we went to a Rodeo- the only person that we could convince to go was Drew's mom- Peggy. It was so fun to hang out with her and we were so glad she came with us.

Saturday morning Drew went golfing with his dad, Lowell :) and brother, Aaron while I went and got a pedicure with Peggy, Tara, and Ashley. I LOVE pedicures. We went to park City and got Lowell to ride the coaster! Lowell is so funny. Drew kept teasing him that he would be screaming the whole time- so he kept it in- I for sure screamed more. We always laugh our heads off riding that thing. Peggy went down the alpine slide. Sadly she didn't get the best sled so it was pretty slow- I went after her and caught up to her. I kept yelling for her to go faster cuz I thought she was putting on the brakes- but she wasn't.

We got to shoot off fireworks- I haven't done that since I lived in Tennessee. We tried to go watch the big fireworks up at BYU and we got to see the tail end of it.

Sunday was Elle's blessing so everyone came over to Aaron and Amy's. It was a beautiful blessing and so fun. We also got to go on our Sunday walk- Drew hates doing it at home cuz it is still so hot- but Utah was perfect for the evening stroll.

Girls' Camp

On our actual one year anniversary I was at Girls' Camp! It is kinda different here they go Saturday to Wednesday. I was over evening programs with another sister. It was so much fun. Our first task was to decorate the stage area- which my partner told me had to be really impressive. I didn't have any super creative ideas- but everyone was actually really impressed and I guess it turned out pretty good- I don't have anything to compare it to since this was my first time since I was a teenager.

I got to stay in the cabin with all the leaders- and let me tell you those women can be pretty crazy! It was lots of fun and although I actually felt kinda lame because I didn't stay up super late every night (That whole being tired when you are pregnant really is true!)

Every night we had to take care of the big activity and it was so much fun. Sunday turned out really great and we heard lots about it in the testimony meeting. We did a musical fireside with a video that coordinated with the music- a Nashville Tribute to the Prophet Joseph Smith. Loree made the video- it was amazing. On skit night I didn't have anything super funny as far as being the MC for inbetween the skits so I taught the girls a dance that I learned when I was a teenager- It was crazy how when I started to do it I didn't even have to think about it- it is second nature to me. Sharissa and I had to have done that dance hundreds of times before.

It was fun getting to know the girls in our ward better- since I'm not in YW I hardly know any of them- and they are so fun!

Trip to Sedona

For our one year anniversary we took a trip to Sedona. We stayed at this beautiful time share we bought off someone. It was quite funny- we told them it was our one year so they tried to put us in the best view available- but they warned us a million times that there would be lots of stairs. Since we are young and in decent shape we figured it wouldn't be a huge problem- it was shocking but the stairs were absolutely no big deal! They must have so many high maintenace people that come because they kept warning us on lots of stuff and they were all 100% not a big deal.

We bought a truck while we were up there! Red Toyota Tundra. We met the lady a couple hours north of Sedona. The truck is everything drew hoped and dreamed of. and his constant looking on auto trader and craigslist really paid off. We got the deal of the century and Drew couldn't be more excited. The lady was super sweet- it was her husband's truck and he had recently passed away. She wanted to make sure that it got a good home and would continue to be babied- And Drew is definitely keeping that promise.

We went to a few art shops of course- there is some amazing stuff up there. I loved looking at all the different stuff and many styles. It was one of those reminders that makes me sad that I don't do art except on rare occasions. Drew is always trying to get me to do it more often and the only pieces I've finished in the past two years have both been presents for him. He does a great job of being supportive and making me feel like I have a wonderful talent.

We went to Out of Africa- it is crazier than any zoo I've ever been to. I highly recommend it to anyone. They do this Tiger splash where these trainers are jumping and playing and teasing full grown tigers in the pool. It is like playing with fire- but it was fun for everyone to watch- you would have to be crazy to do it. Drew loved the predator feed- they take the truck all around the park and throw huge chunks of meet to the animals. The male lions were the craziest. They got pretty intense. We are convinced that if those animals really wanted to get out of those fenced in areas they most certainly could.

It was a wonderful and fun trip! And a great celebration to an AMAZING first year together. Marriage is awesome!