Sunday, August 16, 2009

San Diego

We took a little trip to San Diego- Drew has wanted to go there since we got married and since we are going to have a baby we decided we should probably get around to doing that sooner rather than later. We drove out early Friday morning- poor Drew had to drive while I slept for a few more hours. We went to Sea World first. The weather was amazing! And the animals were crazy. The dolpins did all sorts of flips and we got soaked watching them. The killer whale show was super cheasy but of course was so impressive how massive those things are and all the jumps and stuff they were doing. The sea lion show was pretty funny. I think I loved the pet show the best- the dogs were doing all sorts of fun tricks and they even had cats they had trained that were doing stuff. (If Lucy weren't already old and blind I would have tried to start teaching her stuff for sure- but she is super smart and I am already impressed with how much she does- I love my cat! Drew doesn't feel the same.) The shipwreck rapids was so fun- we waited until the end of the day hoping the lines would be shorter- but they weren't. We got drenched! If the ride itself wasn't getting us wet enough there were people along the path who paid money to shoot us with those little machines- and they did a good job- we were seriously doused. The lady across from us just kept laughing at me the whole time.

When we checked into our hotel they told us they didn't have the room that we reserved- so they decided to upgrade us! It was by far the hugest and nicest hotel room we have ever stayed in. A big suite on the top floor- it was awesome!

Saturday we got to see lots of San Diego and even went to the air and space museum. It was cool. There was a magazine at the hotel that told of the tops spots to go- so I followed the advice and we went to this one restaurant called Nicky's. Drew was excited because the Yankees game was on. This restaurant had the best burgers ever! I also tried out this little cup cake shop- but it just couldn't compare to the one in New York. We went to the Padres game- Got great seats. The stadium is really cool.

Sunday morning we went for a morning walk on the beach. Then we headed to church. After church we went to the temple- since it was closed we couldn't even walk on the grounds! Just had to look at it from the street. But it was so beautiful- that was my first time ever seeing it.

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