Sunday, August 16, 2009

Keith Urban

Drew got me tickets to see Keith Urban for our anniversary! The concert was so much FUN! He puts on a great show- quite entertaining. He would even leave the stage during some songs and go sing in the middle of the crowd on little mini stages. He changed guitars every song and even had one that would light up when he played it- it was crazy. He is an amazing guitarist- a rocker at heart if it weren't for all those romantic songs he writes! Tons of awesome guitar solos where he would just rock out. They were running all over the stage. Who ever does his lighting and stage effects does a great job. He even did two songs for his encore. It was so cool.


Lisa said...

KATEE!! yeeeehaaaa That must have been so awesome!!! FUN FUN!!

lets do something soon!

TheFlammfam said...

Katee! I love that hat on you, and I'm sooo excited for you and the pregnancy. I found a tape yesterday, and started to listen to it. It was of us, and we were singing about gave me a good laugh...crazy times, huh?

Natalie said...

So are you going to post what you are having? I'm what to know so bad!