Sunday, September 13, 2009

Picture of Joseph Smith?

I was sent an email with this photograph that is supposed to be Joseph Smith. I looked at all sorts of youtube videos about it (I definitely didn't find anything official on it- just speculation, no prophets or apostles are saying it is or anything)- I even came across a few more pictures reported to be Joseph Smith- I didn't care too much for the other ones- but I really love this photograph. So it might not be him, but I kinda think it is and thought someone else might like seeing the picture.
Here was the best video about the picture- just don't bother reading all those anti comments at the bottom.


Lisa said...

that is very interesting!

Benson Family said...

I think the picture looks like him. I mean he looks very humble and kind. I am glad you shared it, even though it might not be him, it sure made me feel appreciate ereything he did and his death for the truth even MORE. Thanks!

hydee ann said...

who knows? kinda interesting.

didn't realize you had been posting! fun to catch up on your recent jaunts & adventures.