Sunday, October 4, 2009

pre-baby life

So I don't have anything major to blog about. College football season is here and Drew is just happy as can be if he gets to watch football all day on saturday! And I really don't mind- he still gets some stuff done around the house- so I can't complain- and I even sit down and watch some games with him. But of course not this weekend- we got to watch conference instead- and as always conference was amazing! I don't know if you are really supposed to have favorite gospel principles- but I do! and living prophets and apostles is one of the things on my top 5 things that I love about the gospel. to hear these men- who are just that- normal men, who have applied themselves and been called to bear witness of our Savior is so inspiring. I love it!

I went in for my normal checkup- and Gehrig is doing great. I'm quite interested to see what happens in month 6- apparently this month he is going to double in size! Hopefully my belly won't double in size and he just fills out that belly I already developed. My belly button has already lost any possible attribute of an innie or even a middie and I must admit I am not looking forward to the possibility of a full blown outie! It is so fun to feel him moving all the time now. Drew even gets to feel it now- before it was faint and far between so he would barely get to feel it- now it is like he is doing all sorts of stunts and just rolling around in my belly so you can easily feel him.

I am really excited for my next dr's visit at the end of the month. They are doing one more ultrasound so we can see how the baby is growing! That will be so fun. I love comparing the pictures of the first two ultrasounds and he is going to probably look huge this time! I still feel really clueless about this whole baby thing- I have so much to learn and prepare for- and I will still be clueless! I'm glad I like to read. I also have to sign us up for a birthing class so we have a clue what to do! so much to do and less than 4 months left... it does seem kinda weird when I think that it will no longer be just the two of us- I love just having Drew all to myself. Don't get me wrong I am ecstatic to be having a baby- but at times I'm sure I will appreciate the memories we made of just the two of us in our pre-baby life!


Benson Family said...

you should ask the doc if you could get a 3D picture of your little one. I did with my twins and it was so much fun to see an actual face. It's not perfect though but so much better than the black and white lines. i am so happy for you!

Lisa said...

Conference was wonderful I agree. I loved loved loved Elder Holland's Sunday talk!! so incredibly powerful! WOW.

You are making the cutest pregnant lady! Glad all is going well! Good work my friend.

PS my hair is GREAT! i meant to tell you!! THANKS

Curtis and Andi said...

Katee, I just found your blog through Analisa's. I'm so excited for you guys to have a little baby boy. We're expecting twins... hopefully not before the beginning of February.
Andi:) (Sister Hatch)