Sunday, October 25, 2009

Drew's Birthday Week!

I love birthdays and we got to celebrate Drew's last birthday in his twenties! Can you believe it! Friday night was an important Yankees game so I made sure not to plan anything over that. Drew specifically told me what games he wanted to see over the weekend- and to schedule accordingly.
Friday night I showed drew part of his present- a huge air tank! He had absolutely no idea. I was laughing so hard- So right before we went to bed I showed him another part- A huge box of paintballs- he got it that time! I then told him he better hurry and fall asleep because the boys would be at our house at 6:30 the next morning! Drew isn't a morning person- the only thing I see him jump out of bed excited for is if we are going on a trip super early or he is going shooting- I assumed this would fall under the same category as shooting- and it did. So the boys went out and didn't come back until almost noon. I got to hear all about the crazy games they played- civil war- you just line up across from each other and shoot! gauntlet- it is just you and as soon as you are running inbetween the two trees all the other guys are allowed to shoot!... Drew had tons of fun and showed me all his welts.
That afternoon was the Utah game. Then we went out to dinner with a bunch of people at Texas Roadhouse. Drew didn't even seem to mind when they put him on the saddle so we could sing happy birthday- he just jumped on and started riding! We went to Nick and Nat's after to play games and have floats. I made up a list of questions about Drew to see who knew him best- including favorite baseball player, how often he takes baths, football/baseball numbers, what he knows how to cook... it was pretty funny! Then we played battle of the sexes- as if the girls would know Tiger Woods real first name, and what you put inside a car's hydraulic system... The boys won that game!
Sunday was low key- just me and Drew. Monday we left work early and went to a 4:00 movie! Drew's birthday wouldn't be complete with going to a movie! Then we did dinner-just the two of us. I had a book printed of all our pictures from Yankee stadium- he has it displayed in his Yankees' office. I finally got him an mp3 player- he hates running without one!

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