Sunday, October 25, 2009

Isn't it Grand?

We went on a quick trip over Labor Day Weekend and headed north. We went to the Grand Canyon. It was kinda our first- the last time both of us went was when we were really little, so we don't really remember it. I have always wanted to hike it and go to the waterfalls- but haven't managed to do that yet- and with a baby on the way I imagine I won't be doing that hike any time soon. But we drove around with Shaun and Ammie and got to see tons from above. It was beautiful- and Drew just kept saying "isn't it grand?" He didn't like if I would even get 10 feet away from any edges!
Not sure if anyone has played the game sorry in a while- but we borrowed it from the front desk. It was fun. I had the worst luck ever and I couldn't even get out to go around the board for at least the first half of the game- it was quite shocking! But eventually I managed, I came in last- but it was fun to play! And no matter how disappointed you were if you got sent back to the beginning the person always said "sorry!" so you just can't get upset- and you do it right back any way!
The hotel we stayed at had a wonderful breakfast- I was really quite surprised. But my pregnant tummy definitely appreciated it.
Monday morning we went fishing! Well by the time we got out to the lake it was around 10 so it wasn't exactly early morning- and I hear that is the best time to fish. The lake was gorgeous and the weather was perfect! Fishing is kinda tricky- You either have to sit there and wait and wait, or you have to constantly cast and reel it in fast so your spinners are going. I would like something in between- but Drew said there isn't anything really like that. I guess the only thing like that would be if the fish are biting like crazy then you don't have to wait long and you get the excitement of reeling the fish in- but I did not experience that- maybe next time. I have a cute pink fishing rod now so we can whenever!
We went to downtown flagstaff and it is a cool town. Artistic! they even had an art fair- and there were some very talented photographers and potters selling stuff. I loved seeing it all. The town has redone some very old buildings and they look awesome- old but new!
On the drive home we saw a sign for Montezuma's castle so we decided to exit. We didn't know how far away it was or anything- but we weren't in a rush so we went for a little detour. It was really close and it was cool to walk around and see this "castle" that they built into the side of the rock- I can't imagine having to climb so many ladders each day just to get out. But I guess they never even went more than a mile out from their house- weird to imagine living like that. Just living every day to survive and prepare for the next day. No random fun trips or just taking fun vacations!

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Benson Family said...

sorry in german is called: Mensch aergere Dich nicht

Thought you would like to know! It can be so much fun to play. We played it with my mom and sister and Greg doesn't speak any german and my family doesn't speak english, so we came up with the funniest things to say, when you got kicked back to the beginning or didn't roll a 6.