Sunday, October 25, 2009

Early Christmas Present

We went to Costco- dangerous! We were walking by and saw this beautiful cherry king sleigh bed. It was the last one so they marked it super low and were just trying to get rid of it! You could see every single person that walked by was so tempted to get it because the price was so unbelievable! So we are the suckers that walked out of there with a new bed frame- which just meant one thing- we would be forced to by a new mattress as well (and sheets, and all that!) Drew did some shopping around and found the deal of the century on a new mattress! Mattress Depot- I highly recommend it! It is so crazy though just hopping from mattress to mattress trying to decide which one you prefer! There are tons of choices! But we picked out the most amazingly comfortable mattress ever! Costco has great prices on mattresses but this place beat costco by half! Crazy huh! Then I didn't feel so terrible in having Drew talk me into buying a new bed- we just said it is our early Christmas present. Now he wants a nice flat screen to go on the wall in our bedroom so we can watch movies from our comfy new bed...

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